Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data is unlike any other asset your organization owns. It never wears out, it never drains, and it can be used repeatedly.

But the value in data is not in having it, it’s in how you use it. Altair enables data-driven enterprises by providing teams the power to use data analytics and AI to gain competitive advantages and drive next-level business results.

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Altair® Monarch®, Altair® SmartWorks™, Altair® Knowledge Studio®, Altair® Unlimited® Data Analytics Appliance, Altair Analytics Workbench™, Altair SLC™, Altair® Panopticon™

Manufacturing Analytics

Data Transformation

An industry leader with more than 30 years of experience in data discovery and transformation, Altair offers the fastest and easiest way to extract data from difficult, semi-structured data like PDFs, spreadsheets and text files, as well as from Big Data and other structured sources. Whether data is on premises or in the cloud, Altair can automate preparation tasks and transform your data into accurate and clean datasets in seconds – rather than hours or days – freeing you up to spend time on value-add activities, not on mundane, repetitive and error-prone tasks.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Altair’s machine learning and AI solutions quickly get to the granular, low-latency data that contain the insights you are trying to uncover. Delivering transparency and automation with features such as AutoML and Explainable AI, we streamline model building so more time can be spent analyzing and results can be trusted. Our flexible no-code approach doesn’t restrict how models are configured and tuned, giving you control over model building. With our support for popular, open-source languages and engines, you can integrate new models built using Altair into your existing analytics infrastructure.

Data Visualization and Stream Processing

Spot anomalies, trends and outliers in seconds with real-time data, and share results across the organization using rich, powerful dashboards. Our stream processing and data visualization solutions are built for people who need to make fast, fully informed decisions based on massive amounts of fast-changing telemetry, sensor and trading data.

Turnkey High-performance Computing for Data Analytics

Altair® Monarch® is the industry’s

Easiest way to extract data from PDF documents and convert to Excel format.

Customer Story

Customer Story

Make Insightful Decisions Quickly

Altair® Monarch® is the fastest and easiest way to extract data from any source — including turning unstructured data like PDFs and text files into rows and columns. Monarch includes dozens of pre-built data preparation tasks designed to meet accounting, healthcare and other industry-regulated reporting requirements.

Altair® Knowledge Studio® is an open, flexible predictive analytics and machine learning platform designed for data scientists and business analysts alike. Data scientists who are experienced coding with R, Python or other languages can reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks while building sophisticated models using favored algorithms using the interface.

Use Altair® Panopticon™ to extract real value from your data. Spot outliers, anomalies, trends, and clusters in seconds. Altair’s visual analytics tools are optimized to handle time-critical data, including data that may be changing with extreme rapidity. Users can solve difficult problems quickly, understand complex relationships in seconds, and identify issues requiring further investigation with just a few clicks.

Customer Story

Customer Story

| Altair® Monarch® Webinar Series

Altair® Monarch® has been the leader in self-service data preparation for over 30 years. With our newest release, we’ve made even your most difficult data prep challenges even simpler. 

| Altair® Knowledge Studio® Webinar Series

Explore various use-cases in deploying predictive models to address complex business questions

Cloud-native Enterprise Data Ecosystem.