Product Simulation

Altair provides an industry-leading portfolio of multiphysics-enabled software to simulate a wide range of interacting physical models. Together with Altair’s multidisciplinary optimization and scalable high-performance computing (HPC) you can solve real world engineering problems quickly and effectively. .

Better simulation makes better, smarter products, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of tomorrow’s connected future.

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Product Groups:

Industrial Design, Manufacturability, Fluids and Thermal, Structural Analysis, Structural Engineering, Electromagnetics, Electronic System Design

Structural Optimization

Altair HyperWorks


CaeTek offers industry-leading engineering analysis and optimization tools from simulation-driven design concepts to detailed virtual product validation, and simplified modeling workflows to advanced high-fidelity model building.

Altair SimLab Fluid Flow Simulation

Fluids and Thermal

Whether you’re an analyst performing advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling or a design engineer who quickly needs to understand fluid or thermal effects on a design proposal, CaeTek offers a complete line of tools to support your project.


Altair SimLab Multiphysics Simulation


CaeTek provides an industry-leading portfolio of multiphysics-enabled software to simulate a wide range of interacting physical models including fluid-structure interaction (FSI), flexible bodies, aeroacoustics, and thermomechanical simulation.

SimLab PcB Simulation


Innovation, TTM and lower cost are the keys to electronics success, and the pressures to deliver innovative products at lower cost is intense. Altair’s simulation-driven design delivers a smarter approach to electronics product development.

Digital Twins

Altair SimLab Electronics System Design Simulation

Electronics System Design

Smart connected devices are everywhere, in homes, in transportation, and at work. This means electronic system design (ESD) is having a greater influence on almost every type of product requiring new simulation tools to help achieve electronic, electrical, mechanical, thermal, and connectivity goals. 

Altair Inspire Injection Molding Simulation


Altair offers a unique set of simulation tools to evaluate product feasibility, optimize the manufacturing process, and run virtual try-outs for many traditional, subtractive, and additive manufacturing processes.

Systems Modeling

Inspire Studio

3D Design & Rendering

Inspire Studio is the new solution for innovative designers, architects, and digital artists to create, evaluate and visualize designs faster than ever before. With unrivaled flexibility and precision, its unique construction history feature combined with multiple modeling techniques empowers users throughout the creative process.


Bulk & Granular Simulation

EDEM is high-performance software for bulk and granular material simulation. Powered by DEM, EDEM quickly and accurately simulates and analyzes the behavior of coal, mined ores, soils, fibers, grains, tablets, powders, and more.

Structural Engineering and Design (AEC)

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