Structural Analysis for Rapid Design Iterations with SimSolid

The revolutionary simulation software SimSolid opens up possibilities that traditional FEA software cannot offer. SimSolid is a virtual testing environment and structural analysis solution developed specifically for rapidly evolving design processes.

Better simulation makes better, smarter products, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of tomorrow’s connected future.

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Altair SimSolid Simulation

Eliminate Geometry Simplification

SimSolid’s unique technology totally eliminates geometry simplification and meshing: the two most time-consuming, expertise extensive and error-prone tasks done in traditional structural analysis.

Altair SimSolid Simulation

Analyze Complex and Large Assemblies

Conceived to analyze complex parts or large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA, SimSolid excels faced with ragged contact surfaces having both gaps and overlapping geometry.

Altair SimSolid Simulation

Design Confidently

SimSolid is incredibly accurate, it allows you to predict product performance and uncover any costly flaws or areas of improvement early on in the design process.

Altair SimSolid Simulation

Get Results in Seconds to Minutes

SimSolid is fast, having solution times measured in seconds to minutes, typically, on a standard PC, enabling comparison between multiple design scenarios quickly and accurately.

Validation Guide

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Linear Statics
Nonlinear Statics (contact, material, geometrical)
Frequency Response
Linear Transient
Random Response
Prestressed and Sequential Analysis
Inertia Relief
Bolt Pretension
Linear Superposition
Linearized Stresses

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Fluid Bodies
User Extensible

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Bonded, Sliding, and Seperation with Friction


Spot Welds

Solid Seam Welds



Virtual Connections



Altair SimSolid
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Contours and Animations

Displacement, Stress, Strain, Velocity, Acceleration, ERP

Frequency and Mode Shapes

XY Plots

Modal Participation Factors

Forces: Reaction, Contacts, Bolts, and Welds

Safety Factors

Contact Responses

Strain Energy Density

Total Strain Energy

Altair SimSolid
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CAD Connectivity

Reads all common CAD/PLM file formats including: CATIA, NX, PTC/Creo, Inventor, Fusion 360, SOLIDWORKS, JT, STEP, VDA, Parasolid, ACIS, PLMXML, CGR, STL. Direct data integration to Onshape and Teamcenter.

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Customer Story

Altair SimSolid Simulation

Design Faster & Explore More

By introducing simulation early in the product development process, you can confidently make design decision without compromising performance and risking time-consuming and costly redesign iterations. With SimSolid, model preparation is done in minutes.

Altair SimSolid Simulation

No New Hardware Investment

SimSolid is incredibly easy to use and runs directly on your laptop or CAD workstation, no expensive hardware or GPUs are required.

Altair SimSolid Theory

Theoretical Background

“Faster than FEA, Just as Accurate”

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