Altair Welcomes LMAT to the Altair Partner Alliance

July 13, 2022

In an agreement that will bolster Altair’s manufacturing and tooling portfolio, it welcomes LMAT to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). Through the APA, LMAT will offer Altair customers its Advanced Cure Simulation software (ACS). Founded in 2009 and based in Bristol, United Kingdom, LMAT’s software solutions improve composite products by eradicating manufacturing defects and lowering the risks associated with complex processing. 

LMAT’s ACS software will empower Altair customers to predict and compensate tooling geometry for composite parts, see information on the state of the cure, understand the magnitude of locked-in residual stress, and more. With ACS, Altair customers will have the chance to use a unique solution that combines epoxy composites polymerization prediction with the ability to predict and model manufacturing-induced residual stresses and deformations. Additionally, Altair customers can lower costs, minimize risk, make better products, and better predict manufacturing and tooling outcomes by simulating different conditions without having to cut a tool. ACS is flexible and caters to users in many different roles and industries, including aerospace, wind energy, maritime, and automotive.   

“We look forward to expanding ACS’s reach to a wider customer base and giving users more predictive power and control over the manufacturing and tooling process,” said Tomasz Garstka, chief executive officer, LMAT. “We believe Altair customers will benefit greatly from our technology, and we hope they take full advantage of our powerful and comprehensive software.”