Oqton Adds 3DXpert and 3dXpert DfAM to the Altair Partner Alliance, Boosting Altair’s Additive Manufacturing Portfolio

July 27, 2022

Oqton is bringing two new products to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), where it will offer Altair customers access to 3DXpert, an advanced build preparation and design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) solution and 3DXpert DfAM. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. The company also has locations in the U.S., Israel, China, Denmark, and Germany. With the mission to help manufacturers increase innovation and efficiency by intelligently automating production, Oqton unifies engineering and production with an AI-powered, technology agnostic cloud-based manufacturing OS for complete traceability and visibility across an organization.

3DXpert is an end-to-end solution for the entire additive manufacturing (AM) process, including simulation and DfAM. 3DXpert will allow Altair users who are dealing with additive manufacturing access to cutting-edge technologies and tools that can save them time and money and achieve the highest printing quality and design complexity. 3DXpert offers a high level of automation capabilities, and the ability to fine tune and control every detail as required by more complex AM applications 3DXpert is used in many industries, including aerospace, defense, medical equipment, and research and academic sectors. 

Additionally, Oqton will offer 3DXpert DfAM, an edition of 3DXpert focused on the design side of additive manufacturing. 3DXpert DfAM is a complete CAD toolset with history based parametric features, with hybrid modeling which includes solid, mesh, and voxel based modeling. Having full support of solid modeling means users don’t need to downgrade the data integrity of their models to a mesh representation as done by competitor products.

With these new offerings, customers will be able to enhance their designs, improve printing quality and speed, and will benefit from faster build preparation and higher success rates. Additionally, users can develop custom build strategies to achieve exact results and quality. Assigning different build styles to different portions of the part ensures the fastest printing with the highest quality. On the DfAM front, customers will be able to lightweight their parts in various ways via lattices, infills, implicit modeling. They can also design their own internal structures, which allows them to reach the precise porosity and structural integrity they need. 

“Bringing 3DXpert to the APA will give Altair customers the finest DfAM product on the market,” said Roy Sterenthal, vice president of software, Oqton. “Its capabilities will give users the flexibility, power, and efficiency to succeed no matter what their projects call for. This is a great opportunity for both Altair customers and Oqton.”